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A little bit about the lovely Hill Country town we live in, Wimberley


City & Culture

Wimberley started as a trading post for the folks working the surrounding land.  It had the only wood mill for miles. In 1874 a man named Pleasant Wimberley took over the mill and it seems his namesake is a perfect description of the town. Since those days it has become a the destination spot for Texas weddings and family vacations. Nestled in the shade of cypress lined creeks, Wimberley is a picturesque location for a getaway.  Over the years, it has become the home to many central Texas artists seeking the quiet life.  Around that culture has grown a bustling artist community and many galleries have popped up in the center of town.  Along side the beautiful galleries and scenery, the shopping district has created a name for itself with the excellent selection of new and vintage western wear.  Wimberley square is home to the world renowned "Boot Whisperer" for those looking for the perfect pair of cowboy footwear. Come and shop for your favorite pearl snap shirt, a beautiful wall hanging or just relax by the creek, it's all good.

Wimberly welcome sign Wimberley Texas

Wimberley square

We believe that it's a little bit of heaven because of the way it makes you feel. Wimberley offers some of the most iconic central Texas scenery you'll find anywhere.  From cypress lined rivers and creeks to oak shaded pastures and rolling hills, you won't find a friendlier valley than this one. Those looking for a relaxing place to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life or just looking for a nice weekend with friends, Wimberley is your town.  We not only have great places to relax but we have great restaurants and great shopping that will keep the whole family busy.


Cypress Creek Wimberley Texas

Cypress Creek

A gem in the middle of town, Cypress Creek has perfect public access spots all over town. Whether you're going for a dip in the creek or staying for a family bbq, these parks are ready to accommodate you and yours. They are surrounded by shopping and eateries, just make sure to wait 20 minutes after eating before you take a dip to cool off.

Wimberley Market Days Wimberley Texas

Market Days

The Market Days are a community wide event.  A destination for artists and shoppers alike, come prepared for a great day. The first Saturday of every month March to December 7 am - 4 pm.  It's the states second largest market with over 475 booths for folks to shop. Admission is free so bring the whole family.

Jacobs Well Wimberley Texas

Jacob's Well

Called the most dangerous scuba diving cave in the world, Jacob's Well is no doubt one of the most beautiful places in Texas. It's been tamed and now is safe for families and friends to enjoy a beautiful swimming experience. This summer time attraction is a must for swimmers and on lookers alike.